Nathan Bell & Bob Halperin
April 07, 2018 ~ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $20.00

Its a treat for us to have two of our favorite musicians together on the same stage. We are thrilled to welcome Nathan Bell & Bob Halperin!

Nathan Bell has lived life. At 57, the wizened songwriter’s weary voice bleeds experience. He’s seen both sides of the coin—traveled the nomadic, bohemian path of the hard-luck troubadour, and found comfort and meaning in the stability of a family, a home and a near two-decade corporate gig. And now, with a guitar back in his hands where it should be, he’s ready to tell the tale. But it’s not just his own story he’s after. It’s a story of America, of the working classes—both blue and white collar.

Bob Halperin knows the blues. A remarkably fluent guitarist and singer, Halperin is a disciple of the pure blues tradition. 

Halperin’s guitar work is nimble and assured, subtle but also with the right amount of power. You can hear trace influences of greats such as Robert Johnson, Son House and others, but the playing here is beyond imitation. Halperin has developed a singular voice on the instrument.

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