The Peg Game The Peg Game was just for fun. A little exercise in game programming. We were challenged to make a computer game that was "non-computer-like". There are no levels and no restart or reset buttons. Just play the game just like the real thing. If you miss a hole the peg drops to the table. Just pick it up and put it in a hole and continue to play. Now remember we're not monitoring you so please don't cheat and please pick up after yourself before you leave.  

The Liquor Gun Game The Liquor Gun Game was developed for Tru Measur Incorporated. TMI manufactures liquor dispensing systems for most of the large casinos in Las Vegas. If you've been to Vegas in the last fifteen years and you've had a beverage, chances are your drink was made with TMI's Future Links 6400 System. The highlight of the system is the dispensing gun. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a shoot 'em up game. The object - shoot the bottles and anything else that looks like it could move and fill the till with controlled pour revenue.  

Kapitol Snowboards The Board Match is a mini-database that helps the user of this interactive catalog select the correct size snowboard. The CD-ROM was developed for Kapital Snowboards, a small independent board manufacturer in Seabrook New Hampshire. It features video interviews with some of the top snowboarders in New England, a full catalog of Kapital's new line of snowboards as well as a line of clothing developed by Element Media. Element Media supplied the artwork for the cd as well as the videos. The catalog of different boards is enhanced by QuickTimeVR movies of all of the board designs. There is also a section called "Potatos" - wipe-outs and loud music - ohhh weee it's loud. There is some rocking music on the other side of this enhanced CD as well.

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